Servicing the Community

Our not for profit foundation’s aim is to support DV Women and families through our fundraising


The hope and ambition on achieving your dreams and aspirations, to help, guide and assist people in overcoming fears, loneliness and abuse.  Teaching the DV clients about setting barriers and encouraging self-esteen through storytelling and sharing each other’s stories to open their hearts and re learn to trust again.

  1. We commit to holistic family development – developing programs provide aopportunities that encourage healthy development in social, economic, education in a safe caring environment.
  2. We commit to provide our services, projects and programs to enlighten the DV families and through our advocates for our cause, we will help our sponsors and partners understand our vision through awareness and protection of our members, staff, clients and community participants.
  3. We never give up, we will walk with you all the way.



To help those we serve and connect with feel valuable and to value others, becoming confident, strong and secure. We will provide them tools in life to make a difference and to help others.  To learn to love themselves, inprove self-confidence, self-esteem and also manage their past hurts and triggers.

It is important that women have a purpose in life and a place in socieity, our goal is to give our clients confirmation that there is really a purpose for their life.  The Purple Pj’s Program will help explore hopes, dreams and desires and build confidence to live a purposeful adventurous life.


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