Success Stories

Raylene McCue

rayshair_beauty_mockup-4My name is Raylene McCue and I moved from New Zealand to Australia over three years ago. I am a hairdresser by trade with 10 years’ experience and when I arrived in Australia, I wanted to open my own salon.  Unfortunately, I had limited information and knowledge of how to start and run a business in Australia. My cousin Huia came to the salon I was working at and recommended that I study a business course.
I struggled for the time to study the Certificate III in Business, as I was raising my children and working full-time, 6 days a week.  But I knew to get ahead, I needed to make a choice – work for someone else or work for ME!  Armed with determination, continuous support from my trainer and nagging (with love) from my Student Support Officer – Huia, I managed to complete my course.
What I gained from my studies:
  • How to set up a business in Australia
  • How to write a business plan
  • How to manage my financial records
  • The legal requirements of a business
  • Policy and procedures to put in place
  • Most importantly, how to connect with my clients and build sustainable relationships.
I am now a proud business owner of Ray’s Hair & Beauty.  It was a huge decision to become a business owner but one that I will never regret.  This is my passion and I gain a lot of personal satisfaction from making my clients look and feel great!


My advice to you is that informed decision making is vital to your success.  Surround yourself with a good solid network with like-minded people. Finally,  I am very proud of my study achievements and as you can see, my learnings have already started working for me.  They can work for you too!

If you would like more information on Ray’s Hair & Beauty, like us on Facebook or pop into the salon.

Renee Rakena


14500333_10154513551712432_6482259560897685209_oI did the Business Cert III Course last year with Huia, as I was looking to get some sort of certification under my belt.  Little did I know that it would eventually lead me to my running my own Online Nutritional Business which I now have been working on for the last 6 months Full Time.

The Course Content was great and Cherylynn our Trainer was amazing and really helped us ‘Rookies’ understand the basic concepts easily. Would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking at gaining a qualification or even thinking or running their own business!!!

My Website:

Vivienne Edmonds

14501937_1289461181077791_1579130786_nHello, my name is Vivienne Edmonds.   I am a single mum and love studying and learning. Through studying the Cert IV in Small Business Management I am now a Trainer/Assessor at GSI.

I am so thankful for studying the Cert IV in Business and I use what I have learnt every day.   At times I reflect back on my notes to gain some clarity. The best business strategy was the SWOT Analysis. I’ve also just recently completed a Diploma of Marketing.

The photo above – that’s me working as a Supervisor for the JobActive Community Program. Since completing my studies, I have been very successful in JobActive projects and have started my own business, Beez Kneez N Plantscapez Servicez, a Landscaping Construction Contractor and Trainer/Assessor.

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