Meet your GSI Team

Grounding Solutions International (GSI) was established in July 2016. We are a new Training Organisation who are passionate about making a difference in someone’s life, family unit and in the broader community. We believe with a support team in place, the right guidance and most importantly building relationships with our students, GSI Training Organisation will help students achieve outcomes.

Founders of GSI:


Dianne Lewin:
Dianne was raised on a farm in the outer region of Brisbane along the Brisbane River. Her success today is based on her core principles and values of hard work never hurt anyone.  Dianne is a very successful businesswoman who manages three businesses. She is a very reasonable woman who assists others but believes in a hand-up and not a handout.
 A  qualified Trainer/Assessor of GSI.


Shane Lewin:
Shane is a Diesel Fitter by trade, (Ex-Army). He owns a business in Earthing. Shane’s story begins when he was 11 years old and working in the garage of the local mechanic workshop.  Shane has always dreamt of building his own workshop, to help the youth, just like the opportunity he was given.
A qualified Trainer/Assessor of GSI



Vivienne Edmonds:
Vivienne is a qualified Trainer & Assessor with many qualification from Landscape Construction, Small Business Management, Assistant in Nursing, Marketing and experience 30yrs in the Horticultural Industry.
A Self Employed single mum, Vivienne has extensive knowledge and experience to share with our students, also worked and volunteers for last 10yrs in Community Service to the local area.